Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weird annoyances...

Life is full of wonderful things. And REALLY ANNOYING other things. This is about the latter of the two.

When a friend mentioned today her fear of buoys, I laughed at the thought... but then pondered my own irrationalities. We all have them, on a variable scale of severity: those things that drive us bonkers, make us act totally out of character, or stop us in our tracks.

I absolutely hate and can NOT tolerate the sound they play in beer commercials with ....[[[ GAHH I can't even type it without cringing ]]].... the beer being opened and poured in a glass. GAH. I let go of the wheel while driving to cover my ears. It's that bad. If you need a demonstration, the Buffalo Wild Wings website has it cued up with the initial flash player -- I can't go there unless I've first muted my computer.

It's not just beer commercials, though - I really hate the general sound of pouring. There's a particular coffee pot in my office that seems to bubble and vent strangely, making the most cringe-worthy blubbly sound.

More annoyances to come.....



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