Sunday, January 18, 2009

Camera Ready: Technique Tutorial

Contouring with makeup is the concept in which you use light and dark shades to bring forward certain parts and visually "sculpt" your face. Many people will use contouring techniques when putting on eyeshadow and liner, but don't realize that the same principles apply to the rest of the face (and even the body!). The use of contouring technique can make a woman look thinner, naturally gorgeous and modelesque (um, where do I sign up??).

In recent years, the use of highlighters has become more popular, but it's a much broader concept than a little shimmer on the cheeks; it's the combination of highlight and strategic bronzer application (preferrably one without any shimmer; it's okay on the cheeks, but gets to be overload on the whole face) that work in tandem to achieve all that was promised above.

Recently, I spotlighted two favorites - Benefit's High Beam and "10" - that I use regularly in my contouring routine. The example picture below will look similar to that, but more like a kid's facepainting book!

I know, I know... ;-)

The use of highlight and "lowlight" will differ from face to face, but this is a general idea of how to apply. Some noteworthy considerations include bone structure and face shape. For example, you don't want to highlight a very thin nose as above, because it will only make it appear thinner.

And there you have it - gorgeousness! Need more detail? Just email me!



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  1. we're going to need to set up a contouring tutorial STAT.