Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nuns with glaucoma love BO

I sat today in my eye clinic, watching the tiny tv tuned to CNN - the pomp and circumstance of the presidential inauguration - and the thoughts of future generations came to mind. What will they ask us of this day? What will I have to tell them?

My experience today was not entirely inspirational. It was quite usual, with a visit to the eye clinic in there to mix up the otherwise routine workday. I hadn't thought in advance of when the inauguration would take place, or how I would catch it, but did know of it's occurence.

I spent a great deal of time in and out of the waiting room at the clinic with a curious cocktail of drops in my eyes, and though I had very poor sight, I had great vision. I was surrounded by an ecclectic group of clinic visitors and couldn't help but take in the great sight: all of us gathering near the television to take part in this day in history. As old as 90+ and as young as 2. A teenager with her iPod earbuds out of her ears (!!) and a light in her eyes, a group of men speaking Hmong with an interpreter to assist, a middle-aged woman giving her seat to an elderly woman with a walker, a group of nuns escorting a fellow sister.... NUNS! I couldn't even make this stuff up!

Today was an inspiring day. Despite our various "classifications," we gathered as American citizens and hopefulls - proud and free - to take in the sights and sounds of history being made. I can honestly say that I do not recall the last time (if ever) I've watched a presidential inauguration. And yet today I longed to be a part of it; I felt the desire to smile at strangers as if saying to each other "I appreciate you and support you, fellow American."

This day.... this beautiful day marks the beginning of a new era, and the renewing of hope and the American Dream.

:::small tear rolls down cheek while waving tiny American flag:::




  1. I've read your post three times and I still can't find any reference to the nuns sniffing anyone's underarms. You really shouldn't tease people like that with your post titles. It's unfair.