Monday, January 26, 2009

The Duggars... brought to you by "No More Wire Hangers" Abortion Clinic

I love to watch TV. This was quite apparent last night as I fended off my sleepiness by watching the Duggar Wedding on TLC.

Now, I don't harp on the Duggars -- I think they're good, genuine people who have very sweet children, and while I don't share all of their specific beliefs, I do feel that they're good parents. I'd much rather see them having more children than, say, cracked out moms.... or high schoolers.... or Britney Spears (a delightful combination of both, as it were).

I enjoyed watching the special but was utterly disturbed by the excessive amounts of AWKWARDNESS between oldest son Josh and his "prize," Anna. It was all over the damn place! I'd be sitting, laughing at a funny line, respecting their decisions and WHAM! another awkward moment to make my skin crawl. Ehhhhhh thanks.

Josh & Anna come from families that are both of the belief that one should not "date" but simply court. He essentially found a girl that he liked, called up her parents and asked to court her. Then he proposes marriage (painfully awkward), they have a wedding and share their first kiss at the altar. ?!? Really?? Yes. They had never kissed. They hadn't even really hugged body to body. There was a weird side hug thing that happened, which was particularly tortuous to watch. One might wonder, as Josh did, can we hold hands? Oh sure, say the parents of the newly engaged couple. At which point in time Josh & Anna give each other the DEATH GRIP and didn't let go until the day they wed. There was also a few unfortunate incidents involving matching shirts.... because obviously this is the BEST way to show that you're spoken for!

Point is -- their lack of "getting to know you" time and the restraint in the expression of their joy and affection was clearly holding them back from experiencing these wonderful moments.

There was also this really great moment where her goober of a dad gave a speech about Anna being under Josh's authority now. Awwww hells to the no. I guess I'm just glad Anna wears pants and cuts her hair, unlike the rest of the Duggar gals.

BUT.... I digress. Here's the really funny part of it all.....

If you're not aware, the Duggars are conservative Baptists that practice the Quiverfull movement. This outlines their beliefs in rejecting birth control methods (including Natural Family Planning, surprisingly!) and accepting all children as gifts from God as they are given, hence the large family.

Much to my amusement, the show neared a commercial break and a quick shout out from their sponsor.... none other than

OMG, are you serious?? I died. I DIED!!! And I almost peed.

Annnd.... I'm going to hell.



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