Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Camera Ready: A Product Spotlight

Use: A fine, flawless (translucent) finishing powder

I sometimes wish Sephora would stop giving me the deluxe free samples that I'm continually earning (via purchase points). It inevitably gets me hooked on another product....

Such was the case with the HD Powder - a sample that I'm now hooked on. Thank you Sephora, here's my paycheck.

The point behind the product is the illusion of flawlessness (sign me up!!). It's completely invisible, but gives a "soft focus" or "airbrushed" appearance to the skin. I also love the way it sets everything and makes my pores disappear (!!!).

I'd previously tried something similar with Bare Escentuals "Mineral Veil," but feel this product is more sophisticated. The powder is light as air, a bit finer, and feels like a dream.

It's used as a setting powder after you're finished with everything else. At first, you'll feel like your face looks a bit more pale and dry, but this is because it intially will take away any "sheen" to the skin. After a bit, it will settle in and look more natural. Powders applied on top of this will likely not stick.

The "highlighter" products I mentioned in the last Camera Ready post are a bit toned down after my application of this powder, but I don't find that to be a nuisance. I think it balances out quite well between plain and "highlighted" and eventually gives a perfect finish.

Lastly, I am especially keen on this product because I have an oilier complexion. I love the light powdery feel of it. For those with dry skin, I do feel it will still work well, but remember to keep your face exfoliated and hydrated (to maintain the moisture barrier between your insides and the environment) and you should still reap the benefits!



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